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 COMPANHIA DE BBW LIMITADA .is well-recognized enterprise in HID industry.In the early days when HID technology is not yet mature,the company has invested a great deal of manpower,material and financial resources to do R & D,which makes it an important role in HID automotive market in China.It is the first company to introduced to market the DC ballast with stable and reliable quality,and take the lead to guarantee "two ballast to replace the broken one within a years".So far no other companies have ensured this guarantee for their products. Recently the company launched a new innovative ballast ES8000 with grarantee of "two years"warranty,and "two ballast to replace the broken one".It is a ballast of superior quality with most competitive price that other domestic brands can not be compared with.

company culture

"People-oriented,  common development" corporate culture is the source of enterprise  development, is derived from human knowledge and thinking.


No matter what the situation, smiling faces customers, always showing respect and sincerity

development path

Invested a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources to do product technology research and development...

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